How to Enable/Disable telnet,rshd on AIX

Disable Telnet: Edit the file /etc/inetd.conf and comment out the line starting with telnet as shown below:

Refresh the inetd service

Enable/Disable rshd: Verify the status of the service with the below command:

Disable rshd with the command:

Refresh the services:

Enable rshd with the command:

Refresh inetd services:


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How to Remove/destroy filesystems from Veritas Volume Manager

You come across situations where there would be a need to remove the unused file-systems from the Server either because of a SAN luns reclaim or decommission of the server. This article shows how to clean up the storage Luns/disks and the device tree from operating system.

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AIX 7.1 Migration Procedure

Take the mksysb backup of the Server(NIM Client) before the migration:

On NIM Server, run the below command to add the nim client:

On NIM Client, Create /etc/niminfo:

Copy the pre_migration script to Server(NIM Client) from NIM server (Example path –/spot71-01-06/usr/lpp/bos/pre_migration) On NIM Client, Run the pre_migration script on NIM Client to check for problems. On NIM Client, Unmirror

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Shell Scripting Interview Questions –Part II

Q:  Without using redirection, how could we print information to file descriptor 2? A:  Use -u2 option to the print command. Q: What is wrong with the following command?

A: read speed? “Enter MPH and DISTANCE” miles.

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