How to Enable/Disable telnet,rshd on AIX

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Disable Telnet:

  1. Edit the file /etc/inetd.conf and comment out the line starting with telnet as shown below:
  2. Refresh the inetd service

Enable/Disable rshd:

  1. Verify the status of the service with the below command:
  2. Disable rshd with the command:
  3. Refresh the services:
  4. Enable rshd with the command:
  5. Refresh inetd services:



How to Remove/destroy filesystems from Veritas Volume Manager

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You come across situations where there would be a need to remove the unused file-systems from the Server either because of a SAN luns reclaim or decommission of the server. This article shows how to clean up the storage Luns/disks and the device tree from operating system.

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AIX 7.1 Migration Procedure

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  1. Take the mksysb backup of the Server(NIM Client) before the migration:
  2. On NIM Server, run the below command to add the nim client:
  3. On NIM Client, Create /etc/niminfo:
  4. Copy the pre_migration script to Server(NIM Client) from NIM server (Example path –/spot71-01-06/usr/lpp/bos/pre_migration)
  5. On NIM Client, Run the pre_migration script on NIM Client to check for problems.
  6. On NIM Client, Unmirror rootvg to free hdisk1 for the upgrade to AIX 7.1.
  7. On NIM Server run the below command:nimadm -c <NIM Client name/hostname> -s spot71-01-06 -l lpp71-01-06 -d “hdisk1″ -Y
  8. On NIM Client, run the below command to reboot the server after the migration is finished.
  9. On NIM Client, Verify if the upgrade was successful with below command:
  10. On NIM Client, Remove the old_rootvgalt_rootvg_op -X old_rootvg
  11. On NIM Client, Add the disk from old_rootvg to rootvg and mirror rootvg


Shell Scripting Interview Questions –Part II

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Q:  Without using redirection, how could we print information to file descriptor 2?
A:  Use -u2 option to the print command.

Q: What is wrong with the following command?

A: read speed? “Enter MPH and DISTANCE” miles.

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